Stories Down the Line – The Marriott’s Way Play

Producer, Director
Performed at stations along Marriott’s Way, September 2019

In partnership with: Norfolk County Council, Tin House, Charlie Caine, Rob John [fEast Theatre]

Supported by: National Lottery Heritage Fund

Written by: Rob John

  • Train Wood, Norwich Sep 21
  • Hellesdon Station Sep 22
  • Aylsham Sep 28
  • Whitwell and Reepham Station Sep 29

Through a lively blend of drama, dance, song, procession, percussion, light and sound Stories Down the Line explored 150 years of Norfolk history, celebrating the extraordinary 26 mile ‘green corridor’ that has become the present day Marriott’s Way.

The Marriott’s Way Community Play : Stories Down the Line was performed in September 2019 at a number of locations on the two railway lines which once linked a dozen Norfolk towns and villages with the fine city of Norwich.

The 30 strong cast and crew were recruited from the communities along that historic line.

Our stages were woodlands, embankments and abandoned railway platforms.

Our characters were the ‘time passengers’ whose lives were closely linked with history and fortunes of the railways.

The rise and fall of Norfolk’s railways – or rather the people that used them – are at the heart of this charming community theatre piece…

Rob John’s script moves swiftly along, with clever use of props and interjections to make modern gags among the historic content and dealing as confidently with comic element as with the distressing wartime stories and tales of railway accidents…. at 85 minutes this piece is a perfect little nugget.

Review, Cultivated

“Thank you! We are both so delighted to have been a part of this great project and meeting so many lovely people. It was hard work, but we loved it. It has given us both a big boost in confidence and was a fantastic way to spend time together doing something fun. So – when’s the next one..!?”


Mother and Son, Cast Participants