COME YEW IN! is a collaboration with local writers, participatory artists and amateur researchers, actors and crew that will produce a free, inclusive outdoor variety show to be staged around the city’s open spaces in the Summer of this year. It’s purpose is to help Norwich people to celebrate and understand the long history of the contribution that incomers have made to our city.

Drawing inspiration from the extensive research that is now being conducted by a team of volunteers working with Anglia Ruskin University, COME YEW IN! will be high-paced historical and contemporary pastiche of original dance, song, comedy, audience participation and personal testimony.Participants will be drawn from local theatre company the Common Lot and the Norwich-based charity New Routes, who support the integration of modern-day migrants to the city.

The project is fully funded and supported by contributions from the Town Close Estate Charity, Norwich City Council, Norwich Arts Centre, The Common Lot and Anglia Ruskin University. We hope you will help us to make something together that Norwich can be proud of.

Performances will run from June 30th to July 9th 2017