This last two weeks have really seen the project begin.

I spent from morning to night in a very friendly Tasburgh last Tuesday – starting with a meeting with Don and Ian from the social club, Julia at the church, teachers at the school and a variety of interested community members, ending up with a warm reception at the parish council meeting. We have now spoken to all our partners, the first flush of volunteers from both local communities and appointed our creative writing facilitator and professional archaeologist [Giles at] .

Meeting and talking to people is my favourite part of the job, and judging by the open and enthusiastic response form all concerned I have no doubt that the people of both sites will take the project to heart and make it their own.

It’s the surprises that delight me most. All the offers of help will make the project so much more than it appears to be on paper.

Just by way of a few examples we have had an invaluable offer of a double garage for storing all the muddy trowels and equipment for when the digs start in May, a freelance journalist willing to help with publicity and a lovely contribution from Norfolk based company Geodrone Survey []. They will use cutting edge technology to create pin point 3d digital models of both sites and do flying demonstrations in April for what I am sure will be fascinated school children.

This Tuesday I was in the sister community of Burnham Market where again I met with some wonderful support and the beginnings of some truly interesting imaginations. It wasn’t until this week that we discovered from a local researcher that the site was used as a Prisoner of War camp in World War One, when it was full of tents. If little gems like this have come up so early there is no telling what we will have discovered by the end of it all.

I don’t want to say it too loud – but it all seems to be going rather well.

So by the time I come to write the next instalment the geophysical surveying of the land will be underway and we will be gearing up fully for the public meeting in Tasburgh on 15ht February [ 7 pm at the village hall – all welcome] . About that time I shall be posting a timetable for Tasburgh in 2017 and I hope to see some of you at the Village Hall soon.

There is still ample time to register your interest or chat through any aspect of the project- so please do get in touch. Remember – I love talking to people …

SF, Imagined Land Project Manager 27.1.17