You may read this because you have become embroiled in Imagined Land somehow , or because you haven’t found your place within it yet but are still curious to know what’s going on, or perhaps you now live across the globe and are hankering to be close to your home village. Whatever the reason, now that things are very much getting underway it seems best to just give you all a straightforward picture of what’s happening in the three main areas of this project: archive research, archaeology and creative activity.

The research has started – a little later than we had originally planned but all the better for the sound footing it now has. 30 volunteers from both communities attended the tour and briefing session at the Norfolk Record Office last week. Alongside experienced mentors from NAHRG were both the current and the previous County Archivist; Messrs Gary Touson and John Alban. We are very fortunate to have such a massive wealth of knowledge and experience behind us guiding the work.

There are literally hundreds of relevant documents – parish and poor law union records, manorial maps and papers, local authority plans and decisions and much more besides – going back well into the early 16th century and beyond. We hope some will get fully bitten with the history bug and want to continue. It has been suggested for example, that the research supports an update to the excellent “History of Tasburgh ” book, first published in 1993.

From that date we realised the village is missing the last 25 years of its history, and hit on the idea of asking Preston Primary School to help us source photographs and material from this period. The staffed proved once again to be enthusiastic and willing, and pleased that this is something that every child in the school can take part in with older generations, and extend the reach of the project once again.

It’s early days for the research but the signs are definitely good. We look forward to sharing the early results with you at our SHARING DAY on 10th June at Tasburgh Village Hall.

In attendance there and fresh form newly unearthed discoveries will also be our archaeologists – Giles and some from the helpers at Caistor Roman Project. Giles has been busy pinpointing the exact test pit locations and is just about to let everyone know where they will take place. I can tell you they are all over the village – so it should be interesting.

Come to the ARCHAEOLOGY BRIEFING at Tasburgh Village Hall on Saturday 22nd April and between 2 and 4 pm you will be fully appraised of how to you can help. The only mistake we made is to put it on the Bank Holiday – so bring your wellies and a brolly – it’s bound to rain.

Meanwhile the Creative History Group and I have started on the planning of the creative summer programme and final event. We are meeting every other week at the Church rooms and wrestling with the logistics of getting a whole village to sing, celebrate and make lanterns, bands, bonfires and burnable effigies. It helps that we now have a full set of professionals on the job having this week commissioned our musician – a wonderfully energetic and talented pianist and choir leader Charlie Caine. You will certainly be seeing more of him.

More on this in later posts. For now – keep interested …