So the big day is tomorrow. I haven’t blogged in a while -things have been a little frantic! I have just got back from two busy days in the school, with the scouts and the final singing rehearsal with what has become a truly lovely community choir, and am now sitting contemplating the black clouds from my desk window with still a few last minute jobs to do.

One of them is my list of thank-yous – now extending to four columns and 138 names. That’s incredible – that so many have given so much. As I write the finishing touches are being added to our family of huge glowing sheep in a garage on Harvey close; a truck is being prepared to pick up a load of straw bales and the banners are being topped off in a living room in Valley Road. Kids are walking out of school clutching words for their Saxon haka; a village sculptor is finishing his Iron boar and the last Victorian mobcaps are being sewn.

It is hard right now to fully reflect on things. We have not yet finished with the effort of it all! The day starts early tomorrow with the field set up and I daresay will end with the collapsing of more than just the stages – we intend to enjoy ourselves!

I feel so grateful to those who have got behind the project and made it their own. What pleases me most is that 90% of the content of the pageant has come from the community itself. It is their imagination of the village over centuries – and I have no doubt, whether usher, fire marshall, sheep carrier, singer, actor, soup maker or car park attendant – they will all do themselves justice. And I know everyone is praying for sun!

First published on the project website here.