My dad was a wise old bean.  He held that one of the things one should cultivate towards a happy life – is a feeling of gratitude.   I try to do this – in the days when I am staring at a blank screen trying to write -or the heating goes kaput just as the weather beings to turn. But sometimes you don’t need to cultivate it. Sometimes it just overwhelms you.
That was what I felt at our Imagined Land review meeting.  26 people turned out and had such lovely, thoughtful things to say about their experience of being involved with the project – from its beginning to the glorious rain gap that saw its marvellous end.
There is still plenty to do: new interpretation panels, an anthology of the creative writing, and I have no doubt there will be an important legacy to our triumph. Already there are several residents setting up a local group that will continue to research, create songs and stories and care for the land. More on all this in future posts.
For now I thought I would leave the last word on the event to Lyn – a Tasburgh resident who got very involved.  Thank you Lyn – and thank you Tasburgh for a night I will remember as long as I live ….