It’s always great doing that first school assembly.  So many hours, weeks and months of planning and discussion to get to that point, and then, finally, we can tell the kids. In no time, I tell them, they are going to have their heads in a hole digging up the past and embarking on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

This morning I watched them leave their classrooms and troop into the hall in that dutiful way kids do.  They formed the usual neat lines in front of a smattering of mums and dads and sat on the floor. What struck me however, was that they were listening to music.  A simple classical piece played as they arrived to hear whatever it was their ‘special guest’ had to say to them.

It bodes well, I thought. If the kids at Burnham Market Primary are tuning in to music to focus their learning, it means they will really respond to our creative music sessions in late June.  Perhaps it also means they will be able to play some properly authentic monks in our September pageant. But I’m leaping ahead.  Way too far ahead!

I spoke to an open silence for 10 minutes or so; showing them pictures of the kids last year in Tasburgh, explaining what we are going to do together. They were all ears; their attentiveness was almost uncanny for a crowd of children.  When I asked if there were any questions there was a sea of small wondering faces in front of me before a hand shot straight up at the back and a bright-eyed Year 5 asked eagerly “When do we start digging?”.  Lovely, I thought.  We are underway.

Underway indeed.  This ‘launch’ assembly is coupled with the unbelievable success of our first Landscape Study Day at the village hall on Saturday, which was attended by over 60 local people and quite fascinating.  As many again are booked onto the next one on 28th April.

For any that missed out don’t worry, you can hear and see more again at our drop-in event  The BURNHAM BRING and SHARE on Jun 9th.  We have yet to finalise the programme, but it will have something for everyone.  

So, I am at last satisfied that all the children and a good chunk of the community now know about Imagined Land and what we hope to achieve in the coming months.

As the project begins to bear its fruit, things are coming towards us quickly.  Specifically, to answer the young man’s question, the archaeology week is just a month away now, and the community briefing (7pm, 10th May) only a matter of weeks.  I know how much fun everyone will find it. I also know how much work a lot of people will get through. Including me.

Fun is work, and work is fun. Think I’ll go and put some music on …