It’s over. Apart of course for a whole heap of stuff going on: evaluation, the final wash up, the songbook and education material for the schools, the final accounting. But IT – is over.

It’s both easy and difficult to reflect on the experience – and possibly too soon after the event to make the attempt. But then thought to scribble the blog came into my head and here I am.

It’s easy because the facts speak for themselves – 10 shows, nearly 3500 audience of literally all ages and a ridiculous total of nearly 6000 in the bucket. It was a bigger hit than I could have imagined. There were a few that simply did not like our style and format [and possibly our message] – but the huge majority that did like the show really loved it. What a joy to see 600 people smiling and clapping along to the reprise of our signature song at the encore.

It was a good show – full of surprises. When you are living with something for so long – from it’s very conception – the material gets so ingrained that it’s hard to judge how it will play with an audience. I knew it wouldn’t go flat – the music was too good and the actors too well focussed for that to happen – but the concept was new for me and I was nervous about it. It stood up so well. I’ve learnt a lot. It has especially reinforced the great value of contrast. The audiences were delighted with simply not knowing what was coming next. Yes, a few obvious fault-lines aside, I am seriously happy with the artistic outcome. The audience loved it – so now I can love it.

Reflection is hard because I feel like a bomb has gone off. All around me is the sweet debris of the experience. The bonding, the multiple efforts, the ridiculously good feeling that doing a free show like this creates – it’s joyous. Just like in our climactic scene the landscape is strewn with love confetti – and the friendships and connections we have forged present a whole new parade of possibilities for the future.

So if I am going to reflect it’s probably best to simply do what Actor Dan did [Dan needs a name-check after all] and just pick out a few of the things that he loved about the experience of doing the show and put them down as a random bulleted list. For those that can be bothered to read it here’s what bubbles up in my brain: