I create smaller scale, medium-term projects that are immediately adaptable to non-theatre spaces, include strong elements of public participation or interaction and are focussed on growing an audience both inside and outside of the theatre.

I deliver two distinct categories of performance product:

  • professional and original touring shows (for example 1549)
  • bespoke performance commissions (for example Blood on the Beach, Anquish, Egg Café)

You did Thomas proud! I don’t think it will be forgotten in the minds of those children for a long time to come. You brought history alive for all of us. It was a wonderful evening.

Thomas Anguish Foundation


Many thanks for inviting me along this morning – an inspirational, funny and yummy start to the morning. Good luck with the rest of the run. I’ll try to come along again.

Caroline Jarrold

Former chair of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Director’s Breakfast at Egg Café

They were not only enthralled by the story of Macbeth, but also by your ability to keep them on the edge of their seats for over an hour.

Debbie Ridgeon

Head of Year 6, Avenues Primary School, Norwich